Preparing an Iodine Douche For BV

How do I prepare an iodine douche for BV, one woman recently asked on in an email discussion list I am on for women. This seems like a simple enough question that only needs a straightforward question, right? Not so fast!!

Let’s step back for a moment and ask why she is wanting to prepare an iodine douche for BV. Why is she choosing to use this particular home remedy for BV? Should she use an iodine douche over another remedy? Are there disadvantages to this remedy over other BV remedies. Are there any special problems with preparing an iodine douche for BV at home?

Some woman use iodine douches for BV just because that’s what their mother used. Others look at the prices of all the BV douches available and notice iodine douches seem cheaper than the others. Some women use iodine douches for BV because it was suggested by their doc. Whatever the reason, many women don’t take the time to really question it or think about whether or not this is the best type of treatment to use for BV.

Iodine douches, also sometimes called Betadine douches, are made with povidone-iodine, where elemental iodine has been bound to providone to reduce iodine’s toxicity to the skin. However, even after iodine is combined with providone and this compound is greatly diluted in water, many women still have skin reactions to it. This is certainly a huge disadvantage. Another is the fact that iodine can be absorbed through the vaginal walls and into the bloodstream. This can reach toxic levels if you get the concentration wrong and/or you douche with iodine for BV too many times.

Another huge disadvantage to using iodine for BV treatment is the fact that iodine will kill your natural beneficial bacteria, very effectively I might add. It won’t just kill some like other BV douches will but can actually wipe out the whole population! You know how they use Betadine to scrub and sterilizee an area before making a surgical incision? Well, betadine will also sterilize the vagina!

A sterile vagina is an unhealthy vagina as you need your natural flora to help keep away infections like BV infections. When it comes to BV douches, there is such a thing as overding it! Iodine is one of the worst about overdoing it.

Okay, after reading about the disadvantages of using an iodine douche for BV, if you still want to know how to prepare an iodine douche for BV at home, here is my best advice. Don’t! Here’s why:

Most povidone-iodine (Betadine) solutions sold in stores come in either 7.5% or 10% solutions. To make a Betadine douche, you need to dilute this down to 0.3%. This is REALLY hard to do accurately from a 7.5% or 10% solution given what most of us have to work with at home. Even in a lab using graduated cylinders and/or pipettes, it can be tricky to get it just right so please don’t even try to mix it at home. Instead, buy a pre-made Betadine douche like Summer’s Eve.