Does Garlic Cure BV

Does garlic cure BV? You bet!! The healing powers of garlic have been known since at least the beginning of record history. The Egyptians cultivated garlic for medicinal purposes. The juice of garlic buds was taken orally for many different sicknesses and garlic was ground into a paste to apply to wounds. In fact, garlic was revered by the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romains, and other ancient empires. Fast forward to the modern world and we find World War 1 medics soaking a type of moss in garlic and applying this to battlefield wounds!

Ancient people did not have the scientific studies that we now have on garlic but they knew and fully appreciated its curative properties without understanding the chemistry behind why garlic was such an effective healing agent. This is true of most of the best folk medicines. The problem is that as we have become “modern” we perceive medicine in a whole new light. We disregard thousands of years of folk medicine wisdom on the best cures for BV and other ailments and substitute synthetically made chemicals in a prescription bottle. Frankly, I’d put the curative powers of garlic for BV up against ANY of the modern antibiotics used to treat BV.

Here’s the key fact you need to know to compare the effectiveness of garlic to BV antibiotics:
The first day after taking antibiotics versus garlic to treat BV, the antibiotics might win the contest in terms of how many bacteria they kill and antibiotics may accomplish this task a little faster. HOWEVER, if you study the effect of antibiotics versus garlic on BV over the course of a few weeks to a few months, garlic would be the clear winner.

Antibiotics have the terrible side effect of killing off the body’s natural flora, including the good bacteria that reside in the gut and build up the immune system and the good bacteria that reside in the vagina that keep the pH lower than what the bacteria that cause BV can thrive in. If you take away the natural flora, you are essentially left defenseless against the BV bacteria and they will usually take advantage of this fact and take over as the dominant bacteria in the vagina. This is why people who take antibiotics for BV almost always end up with additional BV infections just weeks to a month or two after they take BV antibiotics. Using garlic to treat BV, on other hand, is a real cure in that it subdues the BV associated bacteria without killing the body’s natural flora!

To ward off BV infections, incorporate fresh garlic into your diet in every way you can. Try to use some raw garlic but cooked garlic will help too. If you get a really bad BV infection, try a garlic douche as it is the most effective BV cure you can take.

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